First Sight

Saturday 7 May 2022

Come and indulge yourself in an all-day pic-n-mix of theatre, dance and musical performances in their early stages of development; see the potential of future work for the theatre and share your thoughts and feelings about the work through creative feedback Q&As

12pm – 12:25pm.          Voices to the World

Creative Producer Frank Sweeney in discussion with Singer Songwriter, Namugga, reviewing recent collaborations with Hear Me Out Music, featuring songs, video shorts and calls to action

12:30pm – 1pm.            Banjul to Bogota

A collaboration between Somos Chibchas and Mbilla Arts that explores influences of West African music and dance traditions from West Africa’s Sengambian region on Colombian culture and folklore.

1:30pm – 3pm.              Shackles, the Whip and the Drum

Sheba Montserrat explores the creation of Caribbean Dance as she charts the journey of two guardian spirits, Rhythm and Dance, to the Caribbean as they protect kidnapped Africans bound for slavery in the Carried-Beyond. Presentation includes after show Q&A

3:30 pm – 4pm              Voices to the World

Frank Sweeney meets Goodhead O’Neil, to discuss Goodhead’s work with Hear Me Out Music and performing on the Music After Detention tour

5 pm – 6.30pm                Pigeons & Plantain​

Judith Jacob reads a re-imagination of traditional West African myth and culture, through the story of a troubled Tottenham teenager and her extraordinary aunt.

Presented by Pursued by a Bear, Written by Afia Nkrumah, Dramaturg & Creative Producer Rosamunde Hutt

Tickets: From £5

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