Fellini filming La Dolce Vita

Guest Blog Post: Igor and Moreno’s Top 5 Artistic Influences

On 23 November, contemporary dance duo Igor and Moreno will visit the Bernie Grant Arts Centre with one of their early works, Idiot-Syncrasy. Discover their most important artistic influences before Thursday’s performance…


Roy Andersson, film director

Attention to detail, bold use of timing, care in the construction of image, reflections on human nature (and the empathy generated when witnessing human misery with a humorous eye)


Nina Simone, singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger

Stage presence, power within softness, feeling of being on edge, ability to channel power and become an emotional vehicle


Meredith Monk, composer, performer, director, vocalist, filmmaker, and choreographer

Vocal exploration, play with structure, tension between complexity and simplicity


Cildo Meireles, conceptual artist, installation artist and sculptor

Symbolic,  simplicity, invitation to challenge scale, sensory aspect of the work


Alessandro Gualtieri, perfumer (and our collaborator on Andante! Whoop whoop!)

Balance between challenge and giving pleasure. Thinking of perfume as art that can be provocative and challenging. Interest in the human body. Boldness. Guiding himself with finesse


And one more…

Federico Fellini, film director and screenwriter

Imagination, surreal worlds, interest in the reality of humans, association of ideas.