UP:RISE in Conversation + Film Collective Preview

Friday 6th August 5pm-8.30pm

Join us for an evening of film and discussion exploring the August 2011 “UK riots”

UP:RISE In Conversation // Behind August 2011: How a community narrative became a national conversation

In this event, we look at how the seeds were planted for communities nationwide to stand in solidarity during August 2011. Aligned through an underlying mistrust of authorities, degradation of neighbourhoods across the country and a sense of being pushed to the edges of society. This led to a digitally literate generation embracing emerging online and mobile tools to organise violent street objections characterised as “riots”. With their technological understanding of modern connectivity exceeding that of the police and authorities, what were previously local issues become national calls to action – in the streets. A very British chapter to what was a global trend in 2011.


Dotun Adebayo – Chair

Lisa Dewar – Panel

Franklin Boateng – Panel

Dr Patricia Kingori – Panel

Jake Whyte – Panel


UP:RISE Film Collective preview:

Guided by filmmaker and artist David Alexander the collective explored a range of filmmaking techniques to share their vision of their area and the communities they share them with. Discovering the residue of August 2011 on their lives today they retell their personal experiences through the lens creating a collaborative narrative.


Amna Ola

Deanietrea Mills-Campbell

Emanuel Missen

Malachi Pullar-Latchman

Michael Thompson

Mohammed Shushtari

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UP:RISE is a groundbreaking nationwide Augmented Reality public artwork from artist Baff Akoto exploring the pathology, history and underlying drivers of English civil unrest in the digital age.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the August 2011 “UK riots”, UP:RISE exhibits from August 6th 2021 via QR codes located nationwide in communities where incidents of unrest were recorded in the summer of 2011. Akoto’s UP:RISE exhibition is accompanied by community workshops and a Conversation Series bringing together artists and thought leaders with community and youth voices to explore the inherent themes of the work, delving into how digital networks connect marginalised people and shape real-world mass dissent.

Tickets: Free