The Body Remembers

7th, 8th, 9th October 2021

A powerful performance from visual artist Heather Agyepong 

Heather Agyepong‘s powerful new solo performance The Body Remembers explores how trauma lives in the body, particularly for Black British women across different generations. Through a unique and compelling relationship between the audience and artist, it creates a collective cathartic experience.


Created & performed by multidisciplinary artist & actor Heather Agyepong, The Body Remembers features interviews of Black British women in trauma recovery. The performance is inspired by the therapeutic practice of Authentic Movement with Agyepong as The Mover and the audience as The Witness. 


Featuring dynamic projections and an immersive soundscape which help the audience to re-discover the power of self-reflection as the start of recovery and healing. Co-created by Imogen Knight (movement) and Gail Babb (dramaturgy), The Body Remembers creates a space for audience and artist to attend to themselves and each other.


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The Body Remembers Creative Team 

Created and performed by Heather Agyepong

Dramaturg and Co-Creator Gail Babb

Movement Director and Co-Creator Imogen Knight

AV Designer  Gillian Tan

Sound Designer Donato Wharton

Associate Sound Designer Raffaela Pancucci

Stage Managers Tanya Stephenson and Stella Kailides

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Dawn Estefan


About Heather Agyepong 

Heather Agyepong is a visual artist, performer/actor and maker who lives and works in London. Her art practice is concerned with mental health and wellbeing, invisibility, the diaspora and the archive. She uses both lens-based practices and performance with an aim to culminate a cathartic experience for both herself and the viewer. She has adopted the technique of re-imagination to engage with communities of interest and the self as a central focus within the image.


She has worked within photographic & performance arts since 2009 with a range of works that have been published, performed and exhibited around the UK and internationally. She has been nominated for the Prix Pictet & Paul Huf Award in 2016, 2018 and 2021 . Her work exists in a number of collections including Autograph ABP, Hyman Collection, New Orleans Museum of Art and Mead Art Museum. She has previously been an associate artist of black led theatre company Talawa and continues to perform both nationally & internationally. She was nominated for the South Bank Sky Arts Breakthrough Award 2018, awarded the Firecracker Photographic Grant 2020 and has recently been selected as part of Foam Talent 2021.


Tickets: £8.50 - £16