SKFEST: Storyboarding

24 August

This workshop delves into creating characters and settings with storyboards

The third workshop of our drop-in series is led by S+K’s Participation Coordinator, Amber Evans. A large amount of Amber’s work revolves around working in communities to establish long-term, meaningful relationships to enable the creation of high-quality artistic work. Amber is collaborating with artists of various disciplines to create her first body of work that explores notions of online identities, with a sharing lined up for Autumn 2018.

Amber’s workshop will explore the question: what makes us who we are? Using social and digital media as stimuli, this conversation-led workshop will enable you to think critically about how you develop characters in your own work, and creating storyboards to delve into the interplay between characters and setting. Join her on the Mezzanine from 1 pm.

The S+K Project has no core funding, and is reliant on your generosity for us to continue to exist and thrive. This is why this event is priced on a Pay What You Can scale, so you have the agency to fund creative endeavours like ours on your own accord.

Tickets: Pay What You Can

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 9:32am Sold out

Book your place online for free, then pay what you can when you arrive.