SKFEST: S+K Shorts Lounge

25 August

An afternoon of short films curated by the S+K Project's Olivia Douglass

S+K Project’s Olivia Douglass curates an afternoon of short film screenings, with a focus on diverse storytelling.

Featuring work from Alexandre Simões, Rene Matić, Munesu Mukombe and Leah Rustomjee, the S+K Shorts Lounge is a sharing and celebration of the work of these London-based and international artists have created. The Lounge boasts an exciting variety of films, from documentaries exploring how female DJ’s are represented in London’s predominately male music scene, to a road film, chroma-key dream, where two love birds drive away from home on a love story inside the studio.

S+K Shorts Lounge will be interspersed with Q&As between Olivia and the artists, focusing on the themes, processes and purposes of their work.


Tickets: £8

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 8:05am Sold out