SKFEST: Likkle Rum with Grandma

25 August

This piece of new writing mixes poetry, storytelling and a Jamaican grandmother's voice

When I came here, I cried for nearly two years… every day.

Before she was grandma, she was mum; before that she was just herself. How can you love someone if you only start knowing them from when you were born?

Likkle Rum with Grandma is a journey over a generational bridge. This emotive piece of new writing by Croydon-based writer Jeremiah ‘SugarJ’ Brown mixes poetry, storytelling and a Jamaican grandmother’s voice to bring to the fore issues of loneliness, immigration, community, what distance does to family love and the waviness of Port.

Featuring a curtain raiser by the participants of the earlier workshop, come chill and catch a vibe in the Rehearsal Studio from 6pm as we get to know Grandma – and a young man gets to understand himself.

What do I need? Just a little visit.

Tickets: £8/ £5 Concessions

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 8:43am Sold out