SKFEST: Blackout Poetry

23 August

Learn how to use the doom and gloom of print media to seize control of your own narrative

Join us for a series of drop-in workshops facilitated by members of The S+K Project, introducing you to various elements of a specific creative practice. These workshops are informal and conversation-based, but will equip you with new skills that you can use to create your own work.

The first in the series, led by our Marketing Manager Danni Ebanks-Ingram, looks at how we can create and rework narratives using the world around us as inspiration. Through the medium of blackout poetry, you’ll get a chance to explore how we can utlise the doom and gloom in print media and turn it into our own narrative.

Come and make friends with Danni over some tea and cake from the Blooming Scent cafe – it’s open to everyone!

The S+K Project has no core funding, and is reliant on your generosity for us to continue to exist and thrive. This is why this event is priced on a Pay What You Can scale, so you have the agency to fund creative endeavours like ours on your own accord.

Tickets: Pay What You Can

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 8:09am Sold out

Book your place online for free, then pay what you can when you arrive.