Music on the Mezz: Ize Redd

25 April

Beat the mid-week blues with music by Ize Redd on the mezzanine

Enigmatic singer-songwriter Ize Redd grew up in the midst of a vibrant and changing British music scene where exposure to a wide range of musical styles enriched his imagination and creative abilities. John Holt, Sarah Vaughan, Dennis Brown, and Nat King Cole are all important influences. Equally at home playing jazz, reggae and R&B, Ize is the driving force behind the band Garvey’s Ghost and a dynamic and engaging performer.

Music lovers are in for a real treat as he performs with his band, The Garveyites, showcasing songs from the forthcoming album, ‘In The Spectrum of Roots’ including released singles, Lonely Lover and Anytime.

‘Music is a life force. Like energy, it never dies.’ – Ize Redd

Beat the mid-week blues with our eclectic Music on the Mezz series featuring everything from samba, reggae, folk, and West African kora. Wednesday nights on the mezzanine above the Café & Bar.

Tickets: £3 cover

Tuesday, 17th of May @ 2:44pm Sold out