Inua Ellams Presents Alcohol, City Lights and Slow Songs

6 June

Riffs and stories on what it's like to be young in Tottenham

Five strangers meet late one night. One has a blanket. They set up a picnic in the middle of road and piece together the last 24 hours of their lives.

Poet and playwright Inua Ellams found the lyrics ‘Alcohol, City Lights and Slow Songs’ lurking in one of the songs on Drake’s second album Take Care (2011) and wondered what it might feel like to be a young person living in a city like London in the context of those words.

In a workshop with 15 young people from Tottenham, Inua discovered ridiculous, tragic, poignant and hilarious encounters, and his mellifluous moving response, melding the stories, will be shared on stage for the first time.

A Tottenham Original, commissioned by LIFT and presented in association with Bernie Grant Arts Centre. Supported by Cockayne Foundation and produced by Fuel.

Tickets: Not available