Haringey Shed presents Our Side Of Town

15-16 March

A coming of age tale of talent, finding your place and making your mark

Spoilt only child Octavia and her parents arrive in a new town, eager to get a fresh start. Octavia loves to sing, and when she sees that the annual talent competition is coming up, she thinks this might be her chance to make her mark on the town, but to her horror she reads that no solo acts are allowed! This is bad news for solo singer Octavia – she never collaborates!

Will Octavia find a place in this strange new town? Will she learn to collaborate? And who will win the annual talent competition? Find out in this funny and massively musical new show from Haringey Shed.

Our Side of Town is written and produced by Haringey Shed.

Tickets: £7.50/ £5.50 Concessions/ £3.50 Children (including booking fee)

Tuesday, 17th of May @ 2:17pm Sold out