FILM: Zanzibar Soccer Queens

3 & 10 October

A community of strong willed women fight to transform their lives

Zanzibar Soccer Queens film documents the lives and football activities of the Women Fighters FC, a team of predominantly Muslim women. Regularly winning matches against men and top of their small league of six women teams, they succeed in a society where opinions can conflict between the so called modesty of women and allowing them to chase their dreams.

The Women Fighters embody football in their community of players, travelling all over Zanzibar and having parties on the beach. The name of the football team came from their having to literally fight to push back against naysayers and men in power. The concept of Muslim women playing football is not only a novel idea, but it also challenges widely held negative perceptions about the role, image and status of women in Muslim countries such as modesty and independence.

What motivates these women to play football? How do they deal with society’s attitude towards Muslim women exposing their bodies? With fabulous footage of thrilling matches and their passion so clearly, Zanzibar Soccer Queens is a wonderful documentary to learn about the achievements and the battles of the Women Fighters football team.

To be screened with short film (TBC).

90 mins

Cert. PG

Tickets: £7, £9 on the door

Wednesday, 20th of October @ 6:58pm Sold out