Film: Yours In Sisterhood

1-9 March

The rejected Ms Magazine letters which have sparked a sharing of experiences and lives

Yours in Sisterhood is a heady ensemble of archived letters to Ms Magazine from the 1970s. Initially rejected, these letters have been unearthed and shared with a new audience – 300 volunteer readers across 32 states of America. The letters and the volunteers who read them stride across gender identities, body shapes, ethnicities, class and all ages.

The interactions engender rapport and conflict and connects the problems women faced in the 1970s and in the #metoo era. Yours in Sisterhood is a simple concept that hits above its weight as a rich collective of everyday feminism. To share such lived experience and think about the future of feminism and how future conversations go is the path to true lasting change.


Tickets: £7 Advance/ £9 On the Door

Tuesday, 21st of September @ 8:20pm Sold out