Film: Poto Mitan

22 March

Five courageous Haitian women fight to make collective change possible


Told through compelling lives of five courageous Haitian women workers, Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy gives the economics of exploitation a human face. Each woman’s personal story explains neoliberal globalization, how it is gendered, and how it impacts Haiti through inhumane work and living conditions, violence, poverty, lack of education, and poor health care. While Poto Mitan offers in-depth understanding of Haiti, its focus on women’s subjugation, worker exploitation, poverty, and resistance demonstrates these are global struggles. Finally, through their collective activism, these women show that despite monumental obstacles in a poor country like Haiti, collective action makes change possible.

Tickets: £8 early bird and £10 on the door

Tuesday, 17th of May @ 2:19pm Sold out