Film: Dolores

30 November

Yes We Can - The Story of Dolores, Civil Rights and Fighting with People Power

An energising powerful documentary about a living civil rights icon – Yes We Can!

Dolores is a film about one of the great civil rights activists, a living icon who originated the phrase “Yes We Can!”.

Despite attempts to write her out of history, Dolores’ story is as vital and powerful as ever about the true potential of people power. Dolores Huerta fought for Farm Worker’s rights, creating a union in a deeply xenophobic elitist America. She fought for feminism as a single mother to 11 children within activist circles that dismissed her as a woman.

The Dolores documentary is a lightning bolt of a documentary, full of music and speaking truth to power. Book your tickets today to be inspired and empowered by a leader history tried to hide.

Tickets: £7 Online / £9 On the Door

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 9:29am Sold out