Film: Blacks Britannica

14 July

This doc about the lives of black people in 1970s Britain looks back on a time of tension

In 1978, a US television company commissioned the production of a film about the lives of black people in Britain at the time.

The film that was made, beautifully directed by David Koff, documented the severe racism and repression black people were facing, both in the street and from the state, and predicted uprisings and rebellions. But its message was deemed to be dangerous and the film was banned.

Join us for a screening of a newly remastered version of Blacks Britannica hosted by Plan C North London in collaboration with Postcolonial Films. Afterwards, a panel of artists and activists will lead a discussion on the relevance of the film’s message for contemporary Britain.

Discussion featuring the film’s narrator, Colin Prescod, researcher Margaret Henry, Tottenham poet Zena Edwards and Plan C North London activists.

Tickets: £7 early bird and £9 on the door

Tuesday, 17th of May @ 1:38pm Sold out