Exhibition: FR33DOM RD

20 July-30 August

Handmade prints and animations celebrate Tottenham's distinctive character

FR33DOM RD echoes the street sign that leads to Broadwater Farm, the estate which was the centre of the riots of 1985 – and in close proximity to the ones of 2011. In this show, we will experience Tottenham’s distinctive character, past and present, through handmade prints by RCA Alumni Yasmine Dainelli, along with an animated short film directed by Maria Pia Fanigliulo in collaboration with Ritzy Animation for legendary Tottenham rapper Mike GLC’s track, Exodus.

By using the ancient practice of hand printed etchings cross-pollinated with animated digital media, the works on display are an uncompromising journey through the area over the years. By use of multimedia, the artists cast a different light on the too-often misrepresented place that they call home, ultimately celebrating London street culture at a moment in history when it is at risk of being demonised.



On 20 July, FR33DOM RD opens at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre with a free celebration from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. We are excited to announce that rapper Mike GLC will perform his new series of spoken word poems on a soundscape created by DJ Simao, interacting with live projected paintings by Dainelli.

Tickets: Free