Cultural Diversity Exhibition

26 June - 26 July

Empowering children through art, with Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity is an exciting and unique art and creative writing exhibition taking place from 26 June to 26 July 2019.

The art is diverse and Afrocentric. It will be complemented by creative writing from KS2 level children from three primary schools in Tottenham – Sunrise, Chestnut and Crowland primary schools. There are no exclusions to participants. Children with challenging behaviour and special needs are welcome. All children will take part in dynamic art and drama workshops hosted by Olusola Oyeleye, acclaimed West End theatre producer. The aim is for children to express cultural diversity through a written interpretation of their chosen art piece.

“I love empowering children through art. With Cultural Diversity, I want to dramatise dialogues of diversity and open children’s eyes to new meanings”  Olusola Oyeleye – Creative Art Workshops

The exhibition will explore;

  • What children think about cultural diversity.
  • What children understand by equality.
  • How children feel about their culture and how comfortable they are with it.

Children will also take part and take charge in the production of a short documentary focused on exploring cultural diversity.

“I like helping children take control. Their innocence usually spells authentic and   refreshing reality.” Chima Ezeilo – Exhibition Organisation

Admission is free.

Tickets: FREE