Bixa Travesty

28 February & 7 March

A bold and compelling documentary film exploring the body and its representation

Confrontational, subversive and raw – immerse yourself in Linn da Quebrada’s colourful and provocative film portrait, a mesmerising and challenging journey into the mindset of the captivating Black trans performance artist.

From the favelas to the stage, public and private life blend, as self-described ‘Bixa Travesty’ (Tranny Fag), Da Quebrada uses her body as a site to explode gender binaries, challenge Brazil’s machismo punk scene, and break down the terms of being a ‘fag’, trans and working class in modern Brazil.

This is not your ordinary documentary – Bixa Travesty is a meditative film portrait told in the present, in which Da Quebrada speaks directly with her friends, family and the audience, using her power in music and performance to present an alternative queer activist and artist – always outspoken and proud to be on the margins.

Certificate: 18

Approximate run time: 75 minutes

Tickets: £7 advance (+ booking fee) / £9 on the door

Thursday, 23rd of September @ 9:48am Sold out