Ankusha and Other Mysteries

1 December

A mix of contemporary and Bharatanatyam dance pieces from Kamala Devam Company

With three distinctive solos, an explosive trio and a multi award-winning dance film, Kamala Devam Company seeks answers to unanswerable questions. Does fate or free will have a greater hand in shaping the course of our lives? How do we define ourselves without limiting our potential?

The company’s first UK tour, Ankusha and Other Mysteries showcases the company’s signature contemporary works Ankusha and Babushka vs. Renaissance Man, along with a new classical Bharatanatyam solo, Jati-Swara-Leela and Devam’s collaboration on the acclaimed dance film The Art of Defining Me.

‘The three bold performers are thrillingly fearless’ – Pulse Magazine

‘Fluid, boldly physical, yet sensual and beautifully rendered’ – DanceTabs

Tickets: £14/ £12 Concessions

Tuesday, 17th of May @ 2:39pm Sold out