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The UK Council for Psychotherapy presents
a Project 20:20 event
Thu 1 Dec 2011

Black Men on the Couch

Talking Therapy

Admitting to needing help sometimes makes people feel vulnerable in front of others, but talking about issues in therapy is the first step towards managing them. However, despite attempts within the profession to change the way it’s viewed, therapy is still rarely sought by young black men.

Project 20:20 aims to change that by bringing Black Men on the Couch to Tottenham, North London. This is the second in a series of events aiming to change the status quo surrounding counselling and psychotherapy and open it up to those who would previously have never considered it, either for themselves or as a profession.

Join us for this unique event at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, where we’ll be in conversation with black men in the public eye about their challenges, successes and their views on the value of talking therapies. During the evening, the audience will be invited to ask questions of our guests, the therapist leading the session and representatives from the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

You can submit your questions in advance by emailing: events@ukcp.org.uk.

Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for networking and a chance to find out some more about the world of counselling and psychotherapy.


15/5 concessions | From 7.30pm