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MP Bernie Grant

The centre bears the name of Tottenham’s late legendary black MP Bernie Grant (1944 - 2000), whose vision for a fairer Britain and a fairer world inspired him to embark on creating this space.

It is his legacy to creative culturally diverse talent based locally, nationally and internationally. To find out more about MP Bernie Grant, visit the online Bernie Grant archive: www.berniegrantarchive.org.uk.

"Though in life he was an outspoken maverick, in death, Bernie Grant was praised from the heights of the Establishment, from Cabinet ministers and Scotland Yard to political associates and black community leaders".
Campaign group Operation Black Vote
"Bernie touched the lives of so many people in a lifetime's work as both a national and local politician, and there will be a great sadness today. We have lost a great fighter and a champion of justice for oppressed people everywhere. He had a huge heart and I guess that he just wore it out."
Sharon Grant, Bernie Grant's widow.
"Bernie will be remembered as a hugely popular man of the people that every black man and woman should aspire to emulate".
Lee Jasper, Grant supporter, and chair of the National Black Alliance and the campaign group Operation Black Vote.
"Bernie Grant's death left a huge sense of loss. Here in Tottenham you lost a dedicated MP, and for many of you, a dear friend. The black community across Britain lost an inspiration. And injustice everywhere lost a fierce opponent."
Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair
"Some people think it reasonable to support the view that Bernie Grant and the police were on different sides. Nothing could be further from the truth."
Chief Superintendent of Police Steven James
"With great love, affection and gratitude to the man who first let me in the door at Westminster. Love always Oona."
Ex MP Oona King's personal sentiments as recorded within the Alexandra Palace condolence book.
"Respect Dear Brother. Respect. Yours was a true and great heart. Paul Boateng."
Ex MP Paul Boateng's personal reverence for Bernie as expressed in the Alexandra Palace condolence book
"He was trying to help everybody. That's the kind of son I had. Bernard Alexander Montgomery Grant"
Eric Grant
"You were the greatest person working for the black community, love Doreen Lawrence."
Doreen Lawrence, mother of the murdered black teenager Stephen.
"When the funeral procession slowed down, I saw people from all races go to feel that coffin. That struck me. Never mind the talking. That was an outpouring of grief and respect for a man who helped me regardless of my colour."
Alex Saunders
"Bernie's achievement was huge in making our society more tolerant and decent."
Mr Jack Straw, Ex Home Secretary.
"Bernie was a great friend to the Kurds. We were shocked and upset by the news of his death. We would like to express our sympathy to you for your loss and we have lost a great friend too".
The Kurdish Community Centre

"Bernie was a real champion for the rights of Irish and black people in Britain and his loss at the early age of 56 is a great blow".
Pat Reynolds, Haringey Irish in Britain Representation Group




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